More than just a dissemination activity

One of the unique, and to some extent, not planned action of the ENTREPUBL project is the thorough and careful support to trainers in sharing the project training contents and supporting civic servants in addressing the 8 Modules of the project newly developed curriculum.

Besides the onsite training that the consortium has delivered to a first group of international trainers in Bologna (June 2023), the partnership has activated a second set of educational activities, this time online, from the last week of February 2024 to almost the end of March 2024. At a rate of two meetings a week the consortium has activated 8 one-hour international webinars to support the selected trainers to acquire further knowledge about tools and contents related to the 8 ENTREPUBL Modules.

The scope was to present the module, rather than to train the audit, by using the training contents. This was achieved by exploiting some training material or by offering a change to reflect together on the matter addressed by each specific Module. Therefore, the large public that attended these 8 online moments, had the chance to engage in reflection activities, in online games, in details topic analysis, in discussion and confrontation.

Thus, everyone, in preparation to train civic servant in its country, has benefited of the extra occasion to reflect on:

  1. Creativity: Develop and Experiment with Ideas
  2. Ethical and Sustainable thinking: access consequences/Impact of ideas for society
  3. Self awareness and Self efficacy: build your own strength to create value
  4. Taking the initiative: initiate value creation
  5. Working with other: develop empathy, team-up and collaborate
  6. Mobilising Resources: Manage Resources Creatively & Responsibly
  7. Financial and Economic literacy in a digital world
  8. Use digital data and information to improve decision-making

But this was not enough!

Especially for the Greek speaking countries (Greece and Cyprus) the intention has been to offer another extra occasion to support civic officer to take advantage of the ENTREPUBL training by addressing, in Greek language, some specific aspects of the 8 modules. That is why the Academy of Entrepreneurship, Crowd Policy and T-HAP LTD have organised another series of online encounters. The webinars for the Greek speaking trainers and civic servants have been taken over by professional trainers with an expertise over the 8 topics. So, as of May 14th ad every Tuesday for 8 weeks another set of supporting events have been organised. In the latter, the participation of about 100 civic servants in each moment has confirmed that the ENTREPUBL partnership has addressed the need and the interest of the audit. A good choice indeed, confirming that the attention to public servant training and upskilling is important and much desired.

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