Project Outputs

The overall objective of the project is to provide training solutions to instill digital skills and an entrepreneurial mindset to employees of the public sector at local/regional level. Fostering creative and critical thinking, collaboration, communication, effective problem solving, and teamwork is necessary to empower ordinary people to accomplish new things – be it a better service to citizens, a more efficient internal communication or the design/adjustment of an intervention that will bring positive change to the local community.  Through the design of an innovative training programme for public servants, VET trainers and providers will be able to use the training path and replicate this model to their educational provision.

Specific objectives and Outputs: 

  • To support VET institutions capacity with upskilling opportunities for their staff, by developing a hybrid digital pedagogy and learning material
  • To support the adoption of effective and new digital practices in Public Administration, through the development
  • To guide VET trainers on how to apply fundamental aspects of entrepreneurial thinking across disciplines using a digital approach and as a means of personal & professional empowerment for public employees
  • To strengthen and diversify the use of flexible online training learning solutions by VET trainers and institutions, including accreditation of trainers’ competencies
  • To provide an innovative VET product to VET providers and trainers working with public institutions, a learner-centered hybrid entrepreneurial training program for public employees
  • To strengthen the ability of public servants to bring positive change and deliver modern services by creating a vocational training program on entrepreneurship using digital tools, so as to develop new key professional capabilities and improve digital literacy leading to improved public services provision
  • To support public institutions to provide upskilling opportunities for their staff by creating an innovative digital education package

The project will benefit VET trainers and organisations working with public employees and local/regional authorities in the partner countries. Moreover public servants and policy makers/senior managers in public institutions will be engaged through their participation in project’s activities. It is expected that nearly 750 individuals will benefit directly from the ENTREPUBL learning activities.

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program and supported by 8 partners active in the academic, business, non-profit and public sectors in the European area. These are: Bantani Education (coordinator) and SPW from Belgium; C.O. Gruppo from Italy, T-HAP from Cyprus; ICEP from Slovakia, Galaţi Municipality from Romania; Academy of Entrepreneurship and Govhack from Greece.