Recruitment Phase of the EntrePubl project in Greece

Recruitment is the process of finding the relevant stakeholders for one’s project. People that can benefit from it and help the organisation reach their goals. The role of the recruitment process for a project like EntrePubl is crucial, since we want to be impactful and change the way public employees think around Europe!

The recruitment phase of the project in Greece has started since late September and it is planned as an ongoing process until the end of the year. With a project like ours, we can hardly say that we have finished recruitment, even when the 1st or 2nd phase of the EntrePubl Training will begin. So, in reality we plan to continue the process for as long as possible. We have to keep in mind that we can always find new stakeholders and engage as many public employees as possible, either with the role of the trainer or with the role of the learner.

The main ways/tools used to keep the flame around EntrePubl alive are the following:

  • Presenting the project at any given opportunity – whether it is an event at our premises, or we get in touch with stakeholders from the public sector for another project, we make sure to have a reference of EntrePubl to people who we think might be interested
  • Directly contacting almost every municipality in the country – we have spent our time wisely sending emails with an infopack of the project to municipalities around Greece, so they can get to know us and share their interest on how they would prefer to join us
  • Sending Newsletters/Sharing blog posts – our team has been carefully designing social media posts and newsletters for our registered members, so we can be sure everyone is informed about EntrePubl, and of course encouraged to share the project with people that might be interested
  • Personal Contacts – don’t underestimate the importance of personal contact and we try to find connections within our own circle, since public sector is quite extensive

Our last suggestion for a successful recruitment campaign is to host informative webinars for those who have already registered following any of the above-mentioned ways. So far, we have hosted only one, but we have already planned the next, online presentation of the EntrePubl Training. This is a great way to get your already registered trainers/learners to better understand the scope of the project and organise a Q&A, so we can all get in touch with the people behind the project and save time. Also, the winning point of this webinar is that within 45-50 minutes, our potential participants gain a better understanding of EntrePubl and how beneficial our curriculum is for them, and are engaged to participate in the next steps from 2024.

The way we see it, it is important to do some communication as we do for every training, but it is a key factor to pay attention to the human aspect of recruiting. We need to talk about our project and try to engage people out of interest, using simple and understandable material. Training public employees to see things from an entrepreneurial perspective is a truly innovative idea and we should make the best out of it!

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