Join EntrePubl’s Online Training Modules Webinars!

The EntrePubl project aims to provide a comprehensive training path that empowers public sector employees and VET trainers to approach challenges as opportunities. We’re here to cultivate a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship in your roles, with a special emphasis on the integration of digital solutions. And that’s why we want you to join our 8 Zoom webinars where we’ll unveil the innovative training modules developed by EntrePubl. Each session will explore one module.

Who should join?

Trainers, public sector employees, and anyone keen on entrepreneurial skills development and digital innovation!

Save the dates and register to join!

These webinars will be held every Tuesday and Thursday, starting on the 27th of February and concluding on the 21st of March. The sessions will be conducted online via Zoom at 16:00 CET and they will last an hour.

Below, you will find the registration links for each webinar by clicking on the titles:

27/02 – Module 1: Creativity: Develop and Experiment with Ideas

29/02 – Module 2: Ethical and Sustainable Thinking: Assess Consequences/Impact of Ideas for Society

05/03 – Module 3: Self-Awareness and Self-Efficacy: Build on your own Strengths to Create Value

07/03 – Module 4: Taking the Initiative: Initiate Value Creation

12/03 – Module 5: Working with Others: Develop Empathy, Team-up and Collaborate

14/03 – Module 6: Mobilising Resources: Manage Resources Creatively and Responsibly

19/03 – Module 7: Financial and Economic Literacy in a Digital World

21/03 – Module 8: Use Digital Data and Information to Improve Decision Making

Enroll for the training module

Click here to access and learn more about the Training Modules, then register to complete the course! This course is available in English, Romanian, Italian, Slovakian, French, and Greek.