Why should public sector employees develop their digital & entrepreneurial skills?

Modern work, either in the public sector or private, is about constant change, improvement, and adaptation.

Τhe emergence of GovTech all around the globe for the modernization of the public sector, makes the need for digital upskilling of public employees imperative. GovTech puts emphasis in the following aspects of public sector modernization: citizen-centric services that are universally accessible, a whole-of-government approach to digital transformation, as well as simple, efficient and transparent systems at all governmental levels.

At the same time, many organizations seek to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to their employees, so as to empower them to take entrepreneurial actions to improve services, internal processes and create new opportunities but also to advance their professional development. This should also be considered in the public sector sphere.

Developing digital and entrepreneurial skills is becoming increasingly important for public sector employees and the organization they work for, due to several reasons:

Digital Transformation:

The public sector is undergoing a digital transformation, and employees must adapt to new technologies and tools. Digital skills such as data analysis, coding, and digital communication are becoming essential for public sector employees to perform their roles effectively.

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Improved Efficiency:

Digital and entrepreneurial skills can help public sector employees to work more efficiently and effectively, enabling them to deliver better services and outcomes for citizens. This can include automation of administrative tasks, faster and more accurate data analysis, and improved communication and collaboration.

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Entrepreneurial skills can help public sector employees to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to complex challenges. This can lead to improved services, increased citizen engagement, and more efficient delivery of public goods.

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Career Development:

Developing digital and entrepreneurial skills can help public sector employees to advance their careers and stay competitive in a rapidly changing job market.

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Cost Savings:

Digital skills and entrepreneurial attitude can help public sector institutions to save costs by automating processes, reducing the need for physical infrastructure, and leveraging digital tools to improve collaboration and communication.

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All those points illustrate how public sector institutions and public servants can significantly benefit with digital and entrepreneurial upskilling. More initiatives need to be implemented to train public servants at scale, and also to build a talent pipeline of future generations so that public administration can adapt properly in the digital era. Investing in hard and soft skills training for current and future workforce and raising awareness about this necessity to decision-makers & senior management consist of key factors to achieve a more drastic modernization of the public sector.


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Author: Olympia Amvrazi, Academy of Entrepreneurship for EntrePubl