Entrepreneurial competences: Skills for life, skills for you

Entrepreneurship can be a tricky word to understand, and to find value in. For the partners of EntrePubl, entrepreneurship means many things, but above all else it means developing skills for life to improve education and employment. Forget about Musk, Bezos and Gates, we are all entrepreneurs of our own lives when we develop these key competences.

‘Entrepreneurship is when you act on opportunities and ideas and transform them into value for others. The value that is created can be financial, cultural or social.’

Definition of ‘entrepreneurship’ from the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship

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What is EntreComp?

EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework is the European framework for entrepreneurial competences, developed by the European Commission. It provides a common language and a shared understanding of what it means to be entrepreneurial and how to develop and assess entrepreneurial competences. It is one of the eight European Key Competences  alongside DigComp and LifeComp and others.

EntreComp defines entrepreneurship as a ‘transversal key competence’ that can be applied in different contexts, including starting a business, but also within existing organisations or as a freelancer. The framework consists of three main competence areas: Ideas and Opportunities, Resources, and Into Action. The competences range from creativity, spotting opportunities, and taking the initiative, to financial literacy, self-awareness, and working with others.

The EntreComp Competence ‘Flower’

Why is EntreComp valuable?

EntreComp is a valuable tool for supporting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning, and for fostering innovation and creativity across different sectors and contexts. It provides a common language and shared understanding of what it means to be entrepreneurial and how to develop and assess entrepreneurial competences. The flexible nature of the framework means that it can be used by a variety of organisations and individuals to support entrepreneurial learning. The wide range of competences that are essential for entrepreneurship means that there is ‘something for everyone’ within the Framework. And finally, European Commission endorsement of the framework has helped increase its visibility and credibility for stakeholders.

How can EntreComp be applied?

EntreComp has been widely adopted and used by various organisations and institutions in Europe and around the world to support entrepreneurial learning within education, training, employment and business.

  • Educational institutions, such as universities, colleges, and vocational schools, that develop entrepreneurial competences across different curriculum areas 
  • Non-profit organisations and foundations that support the development of entrepreneurial skills and competences in different contexts such as active citizenship or community actions.
  • Private sector organisations, including companies and industry associations, that recognise the importance of entrepreneurship and support the development of entrepreneurial skills and competences among their employees. 
  • Business incubators and accelerators, which provide support to early-stage startups and entrepreneurs. 
  • National and regional governments, which use EntreComp as a basis for designing policies and initiatives to support entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurship.
  • European Union programmes and initiatives, including EntrePubl, which use EntreComp as a reference framework for entrepreneurship education and training.

How can EntreComp be used in the public sector?

The EntrePubl project aims to develop entrepreneurial thinking in the public sector across Europe. Being entrepreneurial is not a linear process, rather it is a way of thinking, being and doing in everyday working life. By debunking myths that entrepreneurial education is only for people who wish to start their own businesses, public employees will be empowered through the project and through EntreComp to alter their attitude towards entrepreneurial thinking. Public sector employees will learn how to engage entrepreneurial actions to improve the services they offer to their citizens and advance their own professional development.

More EntreComp resources

If you are interested in developing your own entrepreneurial competences, or helping the people you work with develop theirs, you can register to join The EntreComp Community. This online space is a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurial learning that has developed out of several European projects and with expert input. Features of the Community include a library, networks, training courses, events and more.

Beyond the Framework, you can also discover and use The EntreComp Playbook, EntreComp at Work, EntreComp into Action, EntreComp: a practical guide and EntreComp360 Practice Toolbox. All of these resources and more are available for free from The EntreComp Community library.

To meet like-minded individuals working with EntreComp in the public and private sectors, in schools and universities, in employment and youth work, consider joining the monthly EntreComp Community Cafés.


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Author: Megan Reis, Bantani Education for EntrePubl