Meet the EntrePubl Project Consortium!

The EntrePubl project is carried by a consortium made up of 8 partners from 6 different countries: Belgium, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia and Romania.

The happy faces of EntrePubl project team!

These partners are:


Bantani Education is a non-profit organisation based in Belgium, working collaboratively to drive entrepreneurial and creative lifelong learning. Bantani works with public, community, education, and private sector partners to embed entrepreneurial practices and policy into formal and informal learning at all levels. Bantani is a dedicated team working on the common goal to inspire and create accessible, high-quality entrepreneurial learning opportunities for all.

Find out more about Bantani Education on the website.

AKEP: Academy of Entrepreneurship

The Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 by the historical Educational Association of Athens (HFAISTOS). It acts in collaboration with the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs (OESYNE) and aims to contribute to the acquisition and development of entrepreneurship and professional competences for its beneficiaries: new and aspiring entrepreneurs, teachers and students in VET and Adult education, marginalised groups and low skill adults. AKEP’s goal is to foster employability and improve instructional practices in education, to respond to the challenges of the labour market, raising also awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship education on national and European level.

Find out more about AKEP on their website.


C.O. Gruppo, our Italian partner, defines itself as an open family of professionals united to facilitate and direct processes of change with a strong social impact. C.O. Gruppo is devoted to better understand the ways in which social systems can achieve goals, improving people’s work, valuing diversity and divergence. C.O. Gruppo is a modular working group able to put in place in projects a wide range of sensitivities (managerial and organisational, legal, political), methodological skills and approach (innovation, change management, training, coaching, facilitation, design thinking), which are summarised and addressed according to the specific needs of the project and the customer.

Find out more about C.O. Gruppo on their website.


T-hap is a concept coming from Cyprus that aims at optimising opportunities for wellness in people’s lives. It provides an umbrella of experts and services for wellness to be established and enhanced. It brings together professionals from various work environments, to work under ‘win- win situations’, creating not just networks, but really cultures of well-meant, highly efficient individuals towards wellness.

Find out more about T-hap on their website.

SPW EER: Emploi et Formation 

The SPW represents the State of Belgium. The Department of Employment and Vocational Training of the Ministry (SPW) Economy, Employment, Research participates in the implementation of an active employment and training policy in Wallonia by managing the mechanisms intended to promote the creation of jobs and to combat social and professional exclusion. The department encourages the development of vocational training to enable everyone, and in particular the most disadvantaged, to gain access to employment. Adapting the professional qualification of employees to the needs of companies is also one of its concerns. The department is involved in the implementation of the orientations of the Walloon Government, whether it concerns the qualifying training of young people (professions of the future, validation of skills, new technologies, work-study training, languages, etc.), their professional integration and support for the entrepreneurial spirit, but also sustainable economic development through SMEs, VSEs and local development.

Find out more about SPW EER: Emploi et Formation on their website.


Govhack is a Greek Innovation Center for Digital Transformation in Public Administration, which seeks to create a single innovation and entrepreneurship network to enhance and promote know-how and new good practices of digital governance with the aim of modernising Public Administration and Local Government. The purpose of Govhack is to support its member businesses and collaborating bodies on digital transformation issues for public administration (govtech), with the main goal of providing the appropriate resources that will allow them to meet the challenges and opportunities of the industry, at international and national level.

Find out more about Govhack on their website.

ICEP – Institute of European Certification of Personnel

The Institute of European Certification of Personnel is (ICEP) based in Slovakia. Its mission is to certify the verifiable formal and non-formal competences of professionals and individuals, through a set of standardised requirements, procedures and quality assurance measures, in accordance with International Standards. ICEP contributes. ICEP is committed to promoting the acquisition, development and recognition of professional, digital and personal competences of individuals. ICEP practices Corporate Social Responsibility and operates considering ethical integrity, absence of prejudice, impartiality, respect for human rights and dignity, fairness and equality, principles of sustainability and international cooperation.

Find out more about ICEP on their website.

GALATI: Primăria Municipiului Galați

Galați is the municipality of the county with the same name. It is one of the largest economic centres in Romania. The Municipality of Galati provides local government services.

Find out more about Galati on their website. 

Together, the EntrePubl partners look forward to helping public sectors workers to develop their entrepreneurial competences through innovative training models. We are confident that the skills and experiences of all partners will help make this project a success.

Author: Pierre Goffin, SPW EER: Emploi et Formation for EntrePubl